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Welcome to Davos Integrated Business Solutions!

Your Strategic Ally

for Accounting, Financial Planning, Marketing, and Business Strategy Services in the United States

We are a business consulting firm specializing in Tax, Accounting, and Financial Planning services for Latin American clients with businesses in the United States. 

Our goal is to establish strategic alliances with legal advisors who want to expand their services, provide a safe and reliable solution to their clients, and offer alternative compensation routes. Davos can be your partner in growth and success.

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We have a competitive edge that sets us apart from our competitors:

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We specialize in advising Latin American clients with businesses in the United States, so we understand the idiosyncrasy and legal terminology of the Latino business community.

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We have a comprehensive vision and understanding of the tax, financial, and immigration advantages and impact of different types of companies (legal structures) in the United States.

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We are specialists in financial analysis and consolidation of conglomerates of companies located in different jurisdictions and from different sectors.

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We provide financial creativity and "out of the box" solutions when addressing the scenarios of each client and defining financial strategies.

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We are specialists of tax treaties at the international level and, above all, their tax implications in the United States.

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We offer an attractive compensation plan without associated cost.

We offer a wide range of services to support your clients' financial needs.

We understand that legal and financial services are intertwined and that our services can expand the scope of your offerings without incurring additional operating costs. With our services, you can provide your clients with comprehensive advice that maximizes tax efficiency and properly plans their financial affairs:


Tax Planning

Financial Analysis


Business Strategy


We found four differents scenarios that demonstrate the advantages of having a financial advisor as
an ally...

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Compensation negotiations through capital instruments 

(Shares) require a broad vision to determine if it is a justified investment and with a positive impact on retirement plans.

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At the time of a merger, sale, or other event that generates liquidity,

A financial advisor can coordinate the necessary (and timely) planning to minimize taxes, restructure the client's wealth plan, mitigate new risks, and rethink the investment strategy.

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In separation processes,

A financial adviser can support a lawyer

in better understanding which assets

and liabilities should be owned by each counterparty and can offer a comprehensive financial plan that helps guarantee the long-term viability of any settlement or judgment.

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Determine which company in the United States is more convenient at a tax and immigration level for new businesses or ventures.

By having Davos as your strategic ally,

you can provide your clients with a comprehensive solution to these scenarios and more.

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Helping you to
achieve your goals, 

is a plus.

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