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Financial Architecture
We understand the importance of having a solid financial architecture in place. Financial architecture refers to the comprehensive system of practices, processes, and strategies that are employed to effectively manage an organization's operations. It includes all the systems and processes that support an organization's financial goals, including accounting, budgeting, bookkeeping, financial reporting, tax planning, estate planning, and more.

A complete vision of the current and projected financial situation of your business or assets allows you to design and implement strategies that guarantee the financial success of your decisions.

“Cash Flow and Profitability are key indicators to measure the financial management of the business and establish guidelines for decision making” 

Alexander Rosania.

VP Finance.

Undertake YOUR Challenges​
  • Define the economic value of your company, project or idea

  • Understand the numbers and establish financing channels

  • Select the legal and tax structure that ensures and maximizes your investment

  • Contain and redefine a more efficient cost structure

  • Improve the cash flow of your company or business

  • Establish financial planning and budgeting adjusted to your current and future business reality

  • Turn your financial results from red to black, increasing the profitability of your business

  • Count on a top-level accounting-administrative team


ACCOUNTING STRATEGY Choosing an appropriate accounting strategy gives entrepreneurs key insights into the factors that could hold them back or drive them forward. Accounting allows a business to monitor every aspect of its finances, from revenues to costs to taxes and more. We develop financial analyzes to evaluate the economic situation of the clients and based on that develop strategies that contribute to the protection and improvement of their financial returns.

BUDGET PLANNING We also provide budget planning services to help our clients create effective financial plans and allocate resources efficiently to mitigate the risk associated with operational costs and short-and long term expenses. At its core level, budgeting requires tracking five specific elements: income; expenses; savings; debt payments; and assets. Our team will help you on each of the steps: • Analyze costs • Design strategies to negotiate costs with suppliers • Estimate your revenue • Know your gross profit margin • Project cash flow • Determine factors related to industry trends or seasons • Set realistic spending goals • Review your progress and make necessary adjustments

FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS & CONSOLIDATION We help our clients gain insights into their financial performance and make informed decisions based on that data. Our reports will give you an understanding of the overall health of your organization and key factors for assess the financial performance and value of your business.

FORENSIC ACCOUNTING Our Forensic accounting services involves investigating financial fraud or other financial crimes. We provide economic damages analysis, business valuations and accounting investigations for expert testimony in commercial disputes and corporate and fraud investigations.

BOOKKEEPING SERVICES Our bookkeeping services are designed to help our clients maintain accurate financial records, ensure compliance with relevant regulations and be tax ready. Keep your books clean, organized and get on-time reports of your business each month so you can spend more time doing what is really important for you.

TAX PLANNING Having an expert handle your taxes is an integral part of any successful business model. The more complicated your entity, the more elite your tax preparer must be. Our main objective is to maximize tax breaks , take advantage of international agreements, minimize tax liabilities and market risks in a legal and efficient manner. Understand which legal structure better fit your business needs is one of the main factor to have into consideration when you design your tax plan. The way you set up your business will affect how your business income will be taxed.

ESTATE PLANNING Planning your legacy is an important step to mitigate the risks and uncertainties involved in the future distribution of your assets and wealth upon your death. Estate planning should be an integral part of overall wealth management with the aim of protecting assets and facilitating their transfer to future generations in a tax efficient manner. When is the best time to design your financial and estate plan? • Maintain and safeguard the family heritage for future generations • Long term protection • Advantages in inheritance tax matters • Modify the operating scheme of its businesses and finances in order to achieve a more effective and efficient operation. • Protect your assets from possible actions of third parties or jurisdictions unstable.

Financial Architecture

The best solution for you!

Get a service tailored to your specific needs

Just starting your business, and need to understand the basics?

If you are starting your business and don't have employees, this service will give you a full scope of your financial situation: ​ • Chat of account design • Income and Expense manual Management and system setup  • Monthly Bookkeeping & accounting • Monthly Banking reconciliation based on your inputs • Annual Financial Statement 2 hours by monthly expert consultant  • Yearly Federal and State Tax Return

You are running your business with a small team but need financial support & advice?

Leave the accounting process  in our hand and focus on making your operation effective. ​ • Dedicated bookkeeper  • Income and Expense manual – Chart of account design based in your business model  • Access from anywhere to our online accounting software –real time financial information • Monthly Banking reconciliation based on your inputs • Monthly Bookkeeping & accounting • Annual Financial Statement • Yearly Federal and State Tax Return • Payroll setup • Monthly Payroll Processing • Filing of sales tax (if apply) • Filing payroll, state and federal tax return • 2 hours by monthly expert consultant

You can't be involved in the full operation of your business?

You understand that  help from experts or knowledgeable staff are necessary for making business decisions. You have the innovative idea but need the assistance to run the  financial process of your  business. ​ • Dedicated bookkeeper • Income and Expense manual /Chart of account design based in your business model  • Access from anywhere to our online accounting software –real time financial information • Monthly Banking reconciliation based on your inputs • Monthly Bookkeeping & accounting • Annual Financial Statement • Yearly Federal and State Tax Return • Filing state and federal tax returns  • 2 hours by monthly expert consultant

You need to determine the value of an investment, business or real estate property?

The value of an investment or  real estate property can be determined using a comprehensive financial methodology. Make sure to understand the key factors for your investment valuation. ​ • Initial investment booking and depreciation table • Income and Expense manual – Management and system setup   • Monthly Bookkeeping & accounting • Monthly Banking reconciliation based on your inputs • Annual Financial Statement • 2 hours by monthly expert consultant • Yearly Federal and State Tax Return

You need to understand your financial situation to execute an assertive plan?

We provide you with a realistic understanding  of your company’s financial health and key insights that help you make better decisions and reduce associated risks. ​ • Monthly Management Report • Monthly Management review, actual vs • Budget analysis, tax structuring and consulting • Financial Statement month-to-month comparison • Yearly Budget Preparation • Business KPIs development & follow up (Key Performance indicators) • Payroll setup and management  • Annual Financial Statement Consolidation & Analysis • Yearly Payroll, Federal and State Tax Return

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